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  @央视体育 News on October 12, 7 games without losing a set, the French Open 100 wins and 13 tops, 20 Grand Slams tied Federer and tied for the first place in history. This is the perfect answer given by the 34-year-old Rafael Nadal in Roland Garros. It is impeccably perfect, impeccably perfect, and impeccably perfect.

@央视体育新闻10月12日,在7场不丢盘的情况下,法国公开赛100胜13顶,法拉利20大满贯并列历史第一。这是34岁的罗兰·加洛斯(Raland Garros)的拉斐尔·纳达尔(Rafael Nadal)给出的完美答案。它是无可挑剔的完美,无可挑剔的完美和无可挑剔的完美。

Eleven years ago, when Federer also held his first Musketeer Cup in Paris and tied Sampras' record of 14 Grand Slam titles, in the country of tennis, the name "Roger Federer" was almost the same as The word "perfect" is equated;


Eleven years later, when Nadal used 13 Musketeer Cups as the bottom to tie the current Federer’s 20 Grand Slam record, at least, on this red clay full of magic and blood, "Raphael Nadal Dahl is enough to become the undoubted "perfect" incarnation of Roland Garros.

十一年后,当纳达尔以13个火枪手杯为底,与目前的费德勒20大满贯战绩并列时,至少在这种充满魔力和鲜血的红土上,“拉斐尔·纳达尔·达尔足以成为毫无疑问的“完美”化身。罗兰·加洛斯(Roland Garros)。

   You may be unimaginable, but never underestimate the fighting spirit and magic of Nadal on the clay and Roland Garros.


   Just like the 19-year-old ignorant of the youth, he could soar into the sky when he first entered the French Open, amazed all beings, and quickly opened his first "four crown dynasty";


  Like a 23-year-old man, he became more and more courageous when he swallowed his first defeat at the French Open. Not only did he come back the following year to regain lost ground, but after reaching the "Grand Slam", he created a more terrifying "five consecutive championships" feat;


More like him after 30 years of age, he has tasted the taste of the Grand Slam championship for three full years, and still found the once-unfavorable self in this hot land, and thus made the 10th and 11th crowns step by step. , 12th crown, until now the 13th crown of the French Open.

30岁之后,他更喜欢他了,他已经连续三年品尝了大满贯冠军的味道,并且仍然在这片炎热的土地上发现了曾经不利的自我,因此一步一步获得了第10和第11冠。 ,获得第12冠,直到现在还是法国公开赛的第13冠。

  Honor and pain, like a pair of wings that accompany each other, have always grown behind Nadal. Just as before the arrival of the 13th crown, even though there are already 12 Musketeers in hand, the composition of his 16th French Open trip is not clear.


   Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Nadal has been waived after winning the Acapulco station at the beginning of the year. For personal safety reasons, he withdrew from the entire North American season, including the defense of the US Open. After choosing to return for the clay court season, Nadal unexpectedly lost to the Argentine Schwarzman in the first round of the Rome Masters.


Suspicious clouds are instantly filled with the prospect of Nadal, who has been on the battlefield for a long time, fighting Roland Garros. What is even more worrying is that the 2020 French Open, which will be held in the middle of summer, will be more difficult for the king of clay. challenge. Objective factors such as cold weather, damp venues, and aggravated game balls, as well as the low speed of the topspin ball and low landing bouncing caused by this, are all leaning in a direction that is detrimental to Nadal.

可疑的云层立即充满了纳达尔的前景,纳达尔在战场上与罗兰·加洛斯(Roland Garros)战斗了很长时间。更令人担忧的是,即将在夏季中旬举行的2020年法国网球公开赛对于粘土之王来说将更加困难。挑战。诸如寒冷的天气,潮湿的场地和加重的比赛球等客观因素,以及由此引起的上旋球速度低和着陆弹跳低,都倾向于不利于纳达尔的方向。

   However, despite the verbal complaints, the most practical change was put into action by Nadal, who has always been diligent.


   Just like "elegance and calmness" to Federer, and "hot blood" to Djokovic, "seriousness" and "hard work" have always been the notable labels that have been affixed to Nadal. He is a standard practitioner, and on the field, these practices and actions have completely transformed into his attention and respect for every game and every opponent, and his devotion and focus on every return. Even the hard work and struggle for every point, as well as the unyielding fighting spirit until the last second of the game.


From Gerasimov and Macdonald, to Travari and Korda, Nadal used the game to level up. The first four rounds of promotion have become easier to show that he is familiar with all kinds of weather, venues or games. Adjustment and adaptation to changes.


The quarter-finals against Italy’s post-00 star Cinna was Nadal’s 100th game in Roland Garros. The French Open officially used "Now every step he takes at the Philippe Chatier stadium is breaking the old The record is also impacting the psychological defense of every opponent!" This description is appropriate, just like the widely praised Sina in the first set of the first set to find a chance to win, and in the end he can only find a chance to win with Nadal's tenacious fighting spirit and Under the strong aura, he accepted a three-set defeat with increasingly disparity.


   And when he met Schwarzman, his opponent who had just lost in Rome, in the semifinals, Nadal also used his domineering performance in straight sets to make the "mystery" completely feel that he is different on this clay court. "Nadal is Nadal. In my eyes, he is like the master of Roland Garros!" Schwartzman confessed.

当纳达尔在半决赛中遇到刚在罗马输掉比赛的对手施瓦茨曼时,纳达尔还利用他的霸气表现直落了盘,使“谜”完全感觉到他在这个红土球场上与众不同。 “纳达尔就是纳达尔。在我眼中,他就像罗兰·加洛斯的主人!”施瓦兹曼承认。

Many people have expressed similar feelings, including Djokovic who is preparing to stage the ultimate contest with Nadal before the current French Open men’s singles final: "Compared with previous years held in May and June, this year’s French Open’s Every aspect is different, and I think this is a more favorable condition for me-it is obvious that the ball will not bounce to the height that Nadal prefers. But even so, he still managed to make a game without losing ground. Entered the final. So even if these objective factors exist, don’t forget that he is Nadal, he is in the French Open final, and we are playing clay!"


   Yes, the 2020 French Open men's singles final match: Djokovic VS Nadal.


   This is the 56th Dana Show. It is the most frequently played duel between the two players in history, but it is also a long-awaited duel. When Wimbledon this season was suspended due to the epidemic, the U.S. Open used another unconvincing event to produce the first post-90s Grand Slam champion. A few months ago, the controversial French Tennis Association won the final of the year. The final battle presented by the Xiang Grand Slam gave the fans the most urgent compensation for watching the match at the most suitable moment. After all, everyone knows that this game, which may be defined by future generations as a "match of the century", is of extraordinary significance and invaluable.


On the one hand is the 17th Grand Slam winner with the best overall performance in the past 10 years and is now the world's first. Winning this battle will become the first person after the "Double Lap Golden Master" since the Open era. The men’s singles player who achieved the “Double Lap Grand Slam”; on the other side is the most incredible clay-court king in the past 15 years, 19 Grand Slam champions, and now second in the world. He is heading towards his 100th and first French Open. 13 crowns and sprints to tie the 20 Grand Slam records held by Federer.

一方面,是过去十年中整体表现最好的第17大满贯冠军,现在是世界第一。自公开赛以来,赢得这场战斗的人将成为继“双膝金手”之后的第一人。男子单打选手,获得了“双膝大满贯”;另一方面,是过去15年来最令人难以置信的红土场国王,19个大满贯冠军,如今已跃居世界第二。他正朝着他的第100个和第一个法国公开赛前进。 13冠和冲刺,与费德勒保持的20大满贯纪录并列。

Aside from the unexpected loss of the US Open, before the start of this French Open, Djokovic had maintained a complete victory in the 2020 regular competition, and it was hard to find a single defeat. He won successively including the Australian Open and the Roma Masters. Five laurels; Came to Roland Garros, although there are occasional injuries, emotional and state ups and downs, but the overall performance and ability to read the game, as well as the control of key points is still amazing.

除了美国公开赛意外失利外,在本届法国公开赛开始之前,德约科维奇在2020年常规赛中仍保亚愽网页持了完全的胜利,很难找到一个失败者。他先后赢得了澳大利亚公开赛和罗马大师赛的冠军。五桂冠;来到罗兰·加洛斯(Roland Garros),虽然偶尔会有受伤,情绪激动和状态起伏,但是整体性能和阅读游戏的能力以及对关键点的控制仍然令人惊讶。

And it is precisely because of the significance and value of this duel, because of the strength and state of this opponent, that it became more prominent after the fact that it stands on the red soil of Roland Garros. How is this God of War named "Raphael Nadal" terror!

正是由于这场决斗的重要性和价值,以及这场对手的实力和状态,才使这场决斗在罗兰·加洛斯(Roland Garros)的红土上屹立之后变得更加突出。这位战神如何命名为“拉斐尔·纳达尔”恐怖!

   It is clear from Djokovic’s emotions before the game that he did not know how different Nadal was in the French Open finals. Just like even in the first six rounds of the game, people saw his ups and downs in the process and his opponent caught the opportunity to counterattack, but in today's final, Nadal's nearly impeccable performance is enough to have a big heart. Djokovic felt broken.


In the years when Djokovic was suppressed, the backhand has always been the weak underbelly of Nadal being strongly attacked. Now, in the stalemate with the "bottom line master", the stability of the backhand return is not compromised; Germany The small ball tactics that Jokovic tried frequently throughout the tournament did not bring the test to Nadal, who was swift and windy at his feet, on the contrary, he made constant mistakes; in addition, the sideways and strong forehand produced by the active movement were high. Bouncing topspin, Nadal has maintained his strength and advantage on the changing clay court from beginning to end.


For the first time in his Grand Slam match with Djokovic, he let his opponent fail in the first set. He also extinguished his counter-attack in time at the key point of the third set and ended up with a "Love Game". Add "Goodbye Ace" to end the game. Such Nadal convinced Djokovic to lose: "Today I was completely suppressed by Rafa (Nadal), he played a perfect game!" And such a game, let Djokovic add Said: "Rafa is always improving, and I will not slacken off, I will definitely try to catch up! You must know that in the most tragic defeat, you can often learn more." And this is another aspect of this final. A layer of meaning.


   15 years ago, when Nadal won the first Musketeer Cup in Roland Garros, Federer had 4 Grand Slam champions in hand;

15年前,纳达尔(Nadal)在罗兰·加洛斯(Roland Garros)赢得了第一届火枪手杯冠军时,费德勒手中就有4个大满贯冠军。

10 years ago, when Nadal won the fifth Musketeer Cup and won Wimbledon and the U.S. Open (ninth Grand Slam) to achieve the Grand Slam, Federer already had 16 Grand Slams in his hands and completed it. Beyond Sampras;


  Today, the most "conspicuous" significance brought to Nadal by this 13th Musketeer Cup is to tie the current 20 Grand Slam record held by Federer.


When asked about this, Nadal’s answer was: “Of course I will be happy to enjoy these records, and I am especially honored to be able to share with Roger (Federer); but we are still playing, still fighting, and waiting until we At the end of your career, wait and see!"


   As another "unseen protagonist" who has been "cue to" in today's finals, Federer sent Nadal the most sincere blessings and lofty respect through social media immediately after the game. In his words: "I hope that the number 20 is our new starting point!"


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