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   Speaking of the well-known sports schools in the country, I believe everyone will think of Beijing Sport University. This 211 college is the heart of many sports students. Unexpectedly, such a famous sports school will have a day of fear of competition.


  Recently, according to Cheng Xinkai, a North Sports University player, North Sports University withdrew from the CUBA league in the new season. The reason given by the school management turned out to be "If you can't make the top three in the country, you won't be allowed to play!"


Cheng Xinkai analyzed the reasons in his personal social media: "The school chose not to play because the team is full of newcomers, and the green and yellow are not picking up. The focus of the school has always been on the training of the national basketball youth team, although the school men’s basketball team has been proving that it is very unique. But the school depends on the results!"


   This news was also confirmed by the domestic media that the registration for the 23rd CUBA Beijing Grassroots Tournament has ended and will officially start on October 10. If BSU fails to submit the application materials within the deadline, it will lose the qualification for this CUBA competition.


   It is true that Beijing University of Sports is the top sports university in the hearts of many people, but their status has been challenged. Take CUBA in recent years as an example, the results of North Sports University have been poor. The previous national competition was originally aimed at the quarterfinals, but unfortunately in the 16-in-8 competition, Taiyuan Gong was eliminated.


   As the only sports 211 university in China, the quality of students at Beijing Sports University is incomparable with Tsinghua University and Beijing University. The basketball moves of Beijing Sports University are inherently disadvantaged. Many of the main players in the team are single moves or general recruits. For example: if you were a talented basketball student, Tsinghua University and Beijing University of Physical Education, how would you choose?


   In terms of height alone, the tallest player in the North Sports Team in the last competition was only 2.01 meters. But this does not mean that the North Sports University has not made progress. They broke into the top 16 of the country in the 22nd CUBA, setting a school history record. Yang Haozhe and Liu Yi, who entered the CBA draft, both entered the Beijing University of Technology through general recruitment. They were unknown in high school, but through hard training in college, they came from behind and entered the CBA.


   This shows that grades do not represent everything. The theory of grades alone will only lead schools astray and enter an endless loop of worse and worse. Sports commentator Zhu Yanshuo said: "Many school leaders simply don't realize the key and significance of campus sports. Sports is just face and has nothing to do with education. It's a laugh."


   Even if the strength is weak, it can also create miracles. This is the charm of campus basketball. Ningbo University is the best example. In the match against the defending champion Peking University, Bo Daquan only used 6 people to rotate, and they passed from Peking University. Even if they fell outside the finals, they also won their respect. .

即使实力薄弱,也可能创造奇迹。这就是校园篮球的魅力。宁波大学就是最好的例子。在与卫冕冠军北京大学的比赛中,博大拳只用了6个人进行轮换,他们从北京大学获得了通过。即使他们没有进入决赛,他们也赢得了尊重。 。

  Besides, North Sports University has no shortage of talents now. Cheng Xinkai, who was the first to speak up for this matter, came from Hangzhou No. 4 Middle School, and Lu Yu from Tsinghua Middle School was also on the team. Yuan Xinglong, born in 2001, averaged 20.2 points in the last game. These are all players that North Sports University can rely on in the future.


The slogan of the 23rd CUBA is "Dreams never stop." Now the players of North Sports University are facing a Jedi where their hard work for a year has been in vain. I hope the league can give fans and players an explanation and make their dreams come true. can be realised.


   The development of Chinese basketball is inseparable from campus basketball. For these students who really love basketball: the process of chasing dreams is far more important than the results! I hope that everyone who is passionate about sports can boil forever without being cooled.



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